Sudden, Severe Headaches: Responding to the Thunderclap

Extreme headache pain that comes on abruptly (the “thunderclap”) can signal a number of serious conditions – such as subarachnoid hemorrhage – or have a simple cause such as sexual activity or a change in medication. Neurologist Morris Levin, MD, director of the UCSF Headache Center, sorts out the diagnostics, offering the workup steps that he uses in practice and a display of what you may – or may not – see on imaging exams.


March 23, 2021

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Morris Levin, MD

Morris Levin, MD

Director of the UCSF Headache Center

Dr. Morris Levin serves as chief of the Division of Headache Medicine and director of the Headache Center at UCSF Medical Center. He specializes in the management of all forms of facial pain and headache, including migraine, cluster headache...

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