Advances in Breast Cancer Care: Individualized Screening, Treatments and Follow-Up

Delivering exciting new data on outcomes for various lesions and therapies, this update from breast surgeon Karen Goodwin, DO, covers everything from how to answer patients’ questions on mammogram frequency to how to counsel them on breast cancer prevention. Included is information on the WISDOM Study, open to any patient who would like more control and personalization of her screening options, as well as a discussion of how surgical decisions have evolved based on node biopsy results and other factors. Bonus: insight on when postsurgical radiation is worthwhile.


March 10, 2023

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UCSF MedConnection

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Karen Goodwin, DO, FACS

Karen Goodwin, DO, FACS

Breast cancer surgeon

Dr. Karen Goodwin is a surgeon who specializes in breast diseases. Her focus is on breast conservation using oncoplastic techniques, which aim to remove cancer while preserving breast appearance and function. She performs these techniques ...

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