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Comprehensive Sarcoidosis Management and Treatment

Diagnosing sarcoidosis is a challenging process. UCSF’s team of specialists are experts in diagnosing and treating this elusive chronic condition.

  • Sarcoidosis is an immune disorder that causes granulomas in the lymph nodes. Early diagnosis is crucial, to minimize organ destruction and enhance long-term survival.
  • Ninety percent of sarcoidosis patients have associated intrathoracic findings of pulmonary parenchymal disease or lymph node enlargement.
  • Sarcoidosis may affect multiple organs, including the heart, eyes, nervous system and skin.
  • Many other conditions can mimic the patterns of inflammation caused by sarcoidosis.


Please call the Physician Liaison Service at (800) 444-2559, or one of the phone numbers listed in the document after specific team members’ names.