COVID-19 Vaccines: Up-to-Date Answers on Safety, Efficacy and What the Future Holds


From primary care providers to subspecialists who see immunocompromised patients, medical professionals are facing a barrage of vaccine questions. George Rutherford III, MD, who leads UCSF’s infectious disease division, provides a comprehensive brief to arm you with answers. Covering vaccines currently in use and those on the verge of approval, he breaks down vaccine types; addresses fears about side effects, such as blood clots; and discusses managing virus variants.


May 7, 2021

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UCSF MedConnection

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George Rutherford, MD

George Rutherford, MD


My research interests are the epidemiology and prevention of infectious and tropical diseases of public health importance, both internationally and domestically, with a primary focus on HIV and AIDS. My work is funded primarily by the ...

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